About the experts


Workshops and training will be conducted by experts from Poland and Europe with rich experience in management, marketing and sales.

Oliver Mathys

Lecture title: How coronavirus changed the consumer − opportunities and pitfalls in the green industry

He has over 30 years of international professional experience in the plant and floristry industry, and extensive knowledge of the market. He is a qualified gardener and florist, also having experience in production, transport and distribution. He has been working with garden centres and florists for over 20 years, 5 years in wholesale distribution, and 10 − in export of cut flowers, ornamental plants and mechanised equipment. Oliver Mathys is also an expert in the field of marketing and new media. For years, he has also been involved in stocking, management, planning and logistics in the green industry. In addition, he tracks new varieties for nurserymen and produces storytelling videos for consumers. In his work, he focuses on the entire supply chain and all sales channels, as well as a comprehensive analysis of consumer needs and building their loyalty. As a marketing and commercial consultant, he develops holistic sales concepts for plants and flowers, supporting retailers in implementing effective solutions and training staff. As a trend tracker, he implements them and identifies consumers' needs with great accuracy. Based on this knowledge, he develops new marketing strategies. He deals with the overall project management: including monitoring progress.


Karol Leja

Lecture title: New trends in the horticultural industry in the region of Central and Eastern Europe

Analyst from the renown research company Euromonitor International. Euromonitor International is the world's leading provider of global business intelligence, market analysis and consumer research. Euromonitor's local and global, tactical and strategic research solutions support decisions about how, where and when to develop your business. Euromonitor International provides multi-domain reports, databases or optimised solutions to prioritise, change assumptions and discover new opportunities. With offices around the world, analysts in over 100 countries, the latest data technologies and market research on all key trends and market factors, Euromonitor helps you better understand markets around the world. During the Congress Horticultural Industry Leaders, Karol Leja will tell us from his perspective about the condition of the horticultural industry, the role of greenery in the region of Central-Eastern Europe, and the impact of the pandemic on consumers.


Janina Bak

Lecture title: How to lose 24 million US dollars on a can of Pepsi? The most spectacular statistical errors in the history of business

For six years − the Comedian Commander at Over the last five years − virtuoso of statistics at Trinity College in Dublin. For three months − author of a book. She has the following life achievements: 1. Her book “Statistically speaking. So how much chocolate you have to eat to win the Nobel Prize” outclassed all parts of the erotic saga of Blanka Lipinska, which technically makes her the Blanka Lipinska of statistics. 2. The video from the lecture on statistics that she gave at TEDx Koszalin has over 100,000 views and was for a moment more popular than the video of Zenek Martyniuk 3. She can count, tell stories and talk about counting. In her stories, her vocabulary is so rich that she could pay off the entire Greece's public debt by herself. What she dislikes most is when bad things happen to good sentences.


Marta Orzechowska

Lecture title: Horticultural industry and the digital world − the perfect relationship.

She has been active in the advertising industry for over 4 years. For over 3 years she has been dealing with customer service and project management, and for almost two years she has been the client service team leader at 1000ideas. Currently, she has 8 account and digital managers under her wings, and the department is constantly growing. She believes that customer service is an art based on good communication, relationships, substantive knowledge and a few universal principles that every account, project manager or freelancer should follow to make their work easier. About the agency: 1000ideas is an advertising agency based in Krakow that has been operating for over 11 years. It combines the competences of a creative agency, production house and software house. Existing customers of the agency include InPost, Wokas, Onet, Payback, Eurocash, PUMA, Continental, Danone, Polpharma, x-kom, Budimex and e-sky. For more information visit


Artur Jablonski

Lecture title: How to effectively promote your business using paid advertising without wasting your budget − from Google to Instagram

He conducts trainings, advises and implements campaigns for companies and institutions of various types − from corporations, through SMEs, to cultural institutions or offices. CEO of digitalk agency, specialising in social media activities and PPC advertising (Google & Social Media Ads). He worked for Ergo Hestia, Oferteo, Znak Publishing House, Otomoto, Otodom, NEUCA, Sphinx, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province (Kuyavian-Pomeranian region) or the Mother and Child Institute. He conducts trainings, advises and implements campaigns for companies and institutions of various types − from corporations, through SMEs, to cultural institutions or offices. He has already spent over 4,000 hours in training rooms. Other agencies send their people to him to teach them how to create effective campaigns. Author of two best-selling business guides: "Effective advertising on Facebook" and "How to write so that they want to read (and buy)", as well as one of the most widely read Polish marketing blogs: Lecturer at numerous postgraduate studies throughout Poland: Schools of Banking, AGH in Krakow and Bialystok University of Technology. Award-winning speaker at major marketing conferences in the country.


Sylwia Piskulska

Lecture title: Good and bad day, or what colour characteristics we display and how to recognise them in others Lecture 2: Post-crisis marketing − where to start, which areas need change?

She's been invariably involved with the marketing industry for 20 years. She co-created dozens of brands and helped them enter the market. She has experience in Polish and international groups, in simple and complex organisations. This allowed her to understand what mechanisms, limitations and possibilities are behind products − both in the B2B and B2C industries. She shares her managerial experience as a Mentor in the Mentoring Programme of the Business Leaders Foundation. The desire to be independent led her to create the Pictorial marketing agency. She believes that good design starts with a great concept. She likes to climb so high to gain a broader perspective. She thinks with questions because they drive her. They lead to the best solutions − simple and adequate to the needs.


Marek Borowinski

Lecture 1: Effective techniques for dealing with difficult customers Lecture 2: Display at the checkout counter that boosts your garden centre sales − some practical tips

Shop Doctor − Marek Borowinski, PhD, shop expert, specialist in increasing sales and Visual Merchandising. He focuses on creating a unique atmosphere and well-being in order to promote good quality products in stores. For this purpose, Marek Borowinski combines knowledge from research on customer behaviour in stores and evolutionary biology with the realities and needs of modern commerce and points of sale. His original methodology VISUAL MERCHANDISING by SHOP DOCTOR creates new solutions for brands, retail sales and services. Marek Borowinski as a shop expert can help you create new and friendly shopping experience for customers at your shop. He has many years of experience in sales support activities. He consults, advises, audits and trains. He also teaches you how to arrange a shop and effectively use your company's image to sell more. Marek Borowinski shares his knowledge at numerous marketing and sales congresses. The Shop Doctor is a frequent guest of many television and radio shows. He appears regularly among others in: TVN24, DZIEN DOBRY TVN, PYTANIE NA ŚNIADANIE breakfast TV shows and many others. Marek Borowinski is also a web creator and the forerunner of TV shows dedicated to shops. He is the author and leading programs: "Shop Revolutions" and "Shop Doctor". These are the only TV shows dedicated to stores in Poland, Europe and the US. During these shows, he helps owners diagnose problems and gives a recipe for sales success. Shop Doctor − a doctor treating shops. A consultant, advisor and trainer for many companies. Author of numerous publications in this field. The author of the book "Dr. colour, or the colour of money, happiness and sex".


Robert Radkiewicz

Lecture title: In what direction are newly opened garden centres in Poland heading? Good practices, innovative solutions, grants

Specialist in the design of organisations and management of shopping and garden centres in Poland. A graduate of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, specialised in the field of Environmental Architecture and Landscape Architecture. During 18 years of his career, he gained his professional experience running and managing garden centres and shops. The creator of one of the first garden centres built from scratch in Poland. A trainer and lecturer in the field of gardening, landscape architecture, as well as management and organisation in commercial outlets trading in gardening products and plants. He regularly cooperates with many shops and garden centres in the country, and conducts individual investment projects ordered by investors. He reorganises and improves retailers setting and raising commercial standards in garden centres in Poland. He willingly shares the acquired knowledge and skills during training courses with employees and management staff in garden centres and shops. He cooperates with trade magazines writing specialist articles in the field of increasing sales, appropriate display of goods and managing commercial outlets with a horticultural profile. He co-creates fair events and marketing campaigns promoting living in the garden in harmony with nature.


Lukasz Cholewicki

Lecture title: How to develop an online store? 10 practical tips

Digital Marketing Manager at r360 interactive agency specialising in Google Ads, Facebook Ads campaigns, brand management in social media, content marketing and web design. For over 10 years, he has been dealing with marketing in various forms. A fan of Google Analytics and all applications that allow you to work better, faster and more effectively.